Private rooms and Bed-and-breakfast

Rooms let out in private houses – dormidas or quartos – are most commonly available in seaside resorts, either advertised in windows or hawked at bus and train stations; the local turismo may also have a list of available rooms. Rates average around e20 for a double/twin, though on the Algarve in high season expect to pay up to twice as much. It’s always worth haggling over prices, especially if you’re prepared to commit yourself to a longish stay, but don’t expect too much success in summer. Room quality and facilities vary greatly; some are no more than a bed in a converted attic; others come with modern bathrooms, TVs and air conditioning. Always ask where the room is before you agree to take it – you could end up miles from the town centre or beach. Breakfast is not usually included

Bed-and-breakfast (B&B) places on the UK model do exist, though are not widespread – owners tend to be foreigners living in Portugal, renting out rooms or cottages by the night for extra cash. Keep an eye out in turismos and cafés for business cards and flyers, particularly on the Algarve, in the Alentejo and the Beiras